The content of this event will be designed to be product and service neutral. We confirm that the scientific management and the speakers will disclose potential conflicts of interest to the participants in the 1st slide during presentations. The following companies are acting as sponsors:

Abbott Medical GmbH – 2.500 EUR; Alexion Pharma Germany GmbH – 20.000 EUR; ANT Neuro - 3.800 EUR; Bittium Biosignals Oy – 5.000 EUR; Cerebral Therapeutics™, Inc. – 5.000 EUR; Deutsche Epilepsievereinigung Landesverband Hessen e.V. – free of charge; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Neurophysiologie und Funktionelle Bildgebung (DGKN) – free of charge; Dixi medical – 2.520 EUR; Grifols Deutschland GmbH – 4.500 EUR; GW Pharma (Germany) GmbH –10.000 EUR; Junge Klinische Neurophysiologen (JKN) – free of charge; Natus Europe GmbH – 750 EUR; Nexstim - 600 EUR; Pfizer Pharma GmbH – 4.500 EUR; Sanofi Avensis Deutschland GmbH – 750 EUR; Stellenmarkt Neurologie – free of charge; UNEEG medical A/S – 6.275 EUR

The total expenses of the event amount to approx. 360,000 €.